20th February 2011 | Alps Tour Golf

Press Conference Peugeot Tour 2011


The Peugeot Tour in the city

The Royal Spanish Golf Federation’s office has been the scenario to present the 13rd edition of the Peugeot Tour de Golf, presented by the President of the Spanish Federation Gonzaga Escauriaza, the Marketing Director of Peugeot Spain Stephane Levi, General Manager of MatchGolf Javier Gervas, Director of Alps Tour Alessandro Rogato and the winner of the Peugeot Tour 2010 Order of Merit, Alvaro Salto.

Gonzaga ESCAURIAZA: “Being part of the Alps Tour is a great experience for our players, the amateur because they see if they have got the level to turn professional, and the professionals to start their carreers abroad, where they have to be, far from their environment.”

Javier GERVAS: “13 years ago I presented you one of my dreams, the beginning of the National Tour ; we’ve gone through difficult times but here I am once again very happy to present a strong, healthy and mature tour. As Scottish, its said that a 12 year old scottish wiskey is a jewel, mature and high quality, and the Peugeot Tour, after 12 years, has matured, has great quality and is a jewel.
This is possible thanks to our sponsors: Peugeot as the main sponsor with whom I have been working for 12 years at the Peugeot Tour and all together 25 years; Peugeot Financiacion, Vocento, Kyocera, Radio Marca, STX, Maxfli, Heineken, Gefco, Cleveland, Ferposan, Carrasco Guijuelo, Segura Viudas, RFEG, Federations of Valencia, Madrid and Catalunya, and the Alps Tour, thanks to all. One of the news this season is that we are going to show the Peugeot Tour in the cities we visit, we will install a golfing area to show the people the game of golf and attract them to the tournament ; we want everyone to be part of the Peugeot Tour.”

Alessandro ROGATO gave some information about the history of the Alps Tour that “started un 2001 with 8 tournaments in 4 countries: Italia, Francia, Austria and Suiza, and 17 000 euro per tournament. In 2003 we had 19 tournaments, in 2004 the Challenge Tour recognized the Alps Tour and in 2010, when Spain joined the Alps Tour we reached 22 tournaments and passed the barrier of 1 million euros. I am very proud of being part of this project, my dream is to reach as many countries as possible and one of my dreams was when the Spanish Federation and MatchGolf contacted me to open it to Spain. Players love to come to Spain, the level of golf is really high, the organization is superbe and the golf courses are in great conditions. From the Alps Tour we are very happy to spread the brand Peugeot, and to support the Foundation Isabel Gemio of the Peugeot Tour.”

Stephane LEVI: “Peugeot does not get involved with other sports but there is a long tradition between Peugeot and golf worldwide. Last year and this year we have been working hard launching new models, and other services as the electric car that we want to involve with golf and it will be at the Peugeot Tour of Valencia. We have a new slogan, MOTION & EMOTION which perfectly matches golf values. We are very happy to support the Peugeot Tour and excited to see the new players and winners of the season.”

Peugeot Tour de Valencia, Golf Escorpion, 9-13 March
Peugeot Open de Catalunya, Golf Sant Cugat, 27 April-1 May
Peugeot Tour Alps de Espana, CCVMadrid, 13-17 July
Peugeot Tour de Lerma, Burgos, 21-25 September
Peugeot Tour Gran Final, Zaudin Golf, Sevilla, 22-27 November
Campeonato de Profesionales RFEG (venue and date tba)

18th February 2011 | Alps Tour Golf

Gavin Dear member of Team Scottish Hydro


Gavin Dear, 4th at final 2010 Alps Tour ranking, was chosen to be one of the five players of Team Scottish Hydro.

Full story on European Tour website

16th February 2011 | Alps Tour Golf

Membership 2011


Please find below the 2011 Alps Tour Membership Form and the Medical Certificate to be filled in and returned to the Office.

15th February 2011 | Alps Tour Golf

Membership 2011 & Medical Certificate


Please find below the 2011 Alps Tour Membership Form and the Medical Certificate to be filled in and returned to the Office.

3rd February 2011 | Alps Tour Golf

2011 Early Schedule


The 2011 Alps European Tour schedule will be announced soon.

Today, we announce the first two events:

March 10-12: Peugeot Tour Escorpion – Valencia Spain)
April 28-30: Peugeot Open de Cataluna – Barcelona (Spain)

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