9th March 2012 | Alps Tour Golf

A little more about… Sébastien Gros


The new season started last month and here is the first episode of the series “A little more about…”. France’s Sebastien Gros is currently the leader at the Alps Tour Order of Merit and has the privilege to launch this writing game !


What is your favorite golf course ?
Turnberry in Scotland

What dream of golf would you like to live ?
To win Majors

You are playing the Ryder Cup (or President Cup), with who would you like to play foursome ?
Lee Westwood, a player with amazing career. He has been through bad moments but still believed in his game and worked to come back to the top. Humble, hard worker, competition spirit: in my opinion, 3 skills for very high level.

Your are playing the Ryder Cup (or President Cup), which American player would you like to play ?
Tiger Woods, one of the best or the best player ever.

If you could change one rule of golf, which one ?
Smoking forbidden on Alps Tour !
And I think it is fare that now that player does not incur penalty any more after his ball moved due to the wind.

If you could mix golf of 3 players (long game, short game and putting or mental), what virtual player would it be ?
Long game Sergio Garcia, Short game Rory McIlroy, Putting Tiger Woods before 2009.


If you were an animal ?
A snake.

If you were a book or a movie ?
La Ligne Verte

Public character (not in sport) that you admire ?
Martin Luther King, for his courage and purpose to fight for freedom and equal human rights whatever your color is.

3 favorite artists (actor, actress, singer….) ?
Morgan Freeman, Jessica Alba, Bruce Springsteen

If you could have dinner with 3 people:
Jack Nicklaus, Nelson Mandela, God.

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