23rd November 2012 | Alps Tour Golf

Alps Tour Qualifying School


We are pleased to announce the venue and dates of the 2012 Qualifying School. This year, our choice is La Cala Golf Club, near Malaga, in south of Spain.
The competition will be conducted in two stages: First Stage on 13 & 14 December and Final Stage 17-19 December.
The Top 35 and ties of the Finale will obtain a full category for the 2013 season. Players ranked between 36-65 and ties will gain a conditional card.

This biggest complex has 60 holes (including three 18-holes courses and one 6-holes Par 3 Course), and a David Leadbetter Golf Academy.
Due to high number of applications this year – 240 players from 22 nationalites – the three courses America, Asia and Europa will be used for the First Stage. The Final Stage will be played on America and Asia courses.

More details on the Q-School Section here.

8th November 2012 | Alps Tour Golf

Alps Tour 2012 vintage


The last tournament of 2012 Alps Tour schedule is completed since a few days and we are pleased to introduce you the 6 players who will play on Challenge Tour next year.

Northern Ireland’s Gareth Shaw confirmed his pole position at the ranking with second place in Pont Royal. For the first time in 10 years, the order of merit winner is not French nor Italian. Shaw wrote a historical chapter of the circuit.

Another to be mentionned fact happened this year. England’s Jack Senior managed to play great on both Challenge Tour and Alps Tour. This is an exceptionnal result as no one before succeeded in gabbling on both schedules. As Jack Senior is third at Alps Tour ranking he earned a 10 category on Challenge Tour next year but his Challenge Tour ranking 66th of synonym of full category. These great results benefit Italian Niccolo Quintarelli as he grabbed 6th place at Alps Tour ranking.

They are all in Spain this week to play Q School Stage 2, we wish them all the best as to the 15 others Alps Tour players currently fighting for a Final Stage spot.

From left to right : Gareth Shaw, Thomas Fournier, Jack Senior, Jérôme Lando-Casanova, Ross Kellett and Niccolo Quintarelli.

By Agathe Séron

6th November 2012 | Alps Tour Golf

2012 Masters 13 Allianz, Final Round

Highlights Final Round of Masters 13 Allianz 2012

4th November 2012 | Alps Tour Golf

Maiden win for strong and calm Bernadet


France’s Adrien Bernadet shown Pont Royal public that he had nerves and game to shot low to catch maiden win. Smart, calm and focus he signed for 66, 6 under par to win by one at -11 over unlucky Gareth Shaw. Shaw scored same score and missed maiden win for the fourth time this season. Dubuisson alternated the best and the worst. He holed for eagle on the last hole to finally take third place by his own.

Masters 13 Allianz was the final count down of the Alps Tour season. Many players started the week at daggers drawn. A battle in the battle had began since the first round and with final results came tears and smiles.

On smile side, France’s Adrien Bernadet said during price giving ceremony : “I proved a lot of thing to myself today. The course and especially the greens were great, quick and obviously I managed to deal with them. Thank you to all the volunteers and to my private volunteer, thank you sweet heart. And congrats to Jérôme Lando-Casanova for his final round and welcome on Challenge Tour next year.”

This week made some Alps Tour players happy and some disappointed. Lando-Casanova confessed he was breathless during the last 9 holes and his eyes got wet when he heard the good news. But one’s man meat is another man’s poison and Brendan McCarroll slept to the 7th place and can only hope good results at the Q School.

Finally, despite a great season, Northern Ireland’s Gareth Shaw can not hide his disappointment. Although he won the Alps Tour order of merit, he finished runner up for the fourth time in 2012. He wrote as well an historical chapter of the Alps Tour. He is the first Northern Ireland player to win the order of merit. This place has been for years in Italian or French hands. Gareth Shaw had a shy smile when he was informed about this news. “I am the first one as well to win the ranking without any victory!”.

The happy “big five” are Northern Ireland’s Gareth Shaw, France’s Thomas Fournier, England’s Jack Senior, France’s Jérôme Lando-Casanova and Scotland’s Ross Kellett. Italy’s Niccolo Quintarelli will play on upper circuit as well thanks to Jack Senior great ranking on Challenge Tour.

From Mallemort
Agathe Séron

3rd November 2012 | Alps Tour Golf

Joakimides 2 clear, Dubuisson and Bernadet in contention


France’s Nicolas Joakimides confirmed his leadership after third round at Masters 13 Allianz. He signed for 70, 2 under par and none of his opponents succeeded in chasing him. His compatriot and playing partner Adrien Bernadet only scored par to stay -5 total. Spectators darling, Victor Dubuisson shares second place after 67 5-under-par-card.

The weather was more as it should in November even in south of France. Clouds and wind danced in the sky to disturb the players. No matter what mother nature tried, it did not bother Julien Gressier who fired astonishing 63.
“I hit my wedge very close on my first hole, the 10th. I holed for birdie then on 13th I holed a long one and I made birdie on the 14th. I started to think positive. On 17th I holed a birdie without expecting it at all. I kept on thinking -2 putts, 2 putts, safe- so my ball died in the hole and I putted this way until the end. I had already scored seven under par but 63, 9 under, it is the first time.”

Victor Dubuisson had a better day than yesterday but his good 67, 5 under par barely made him smile. The crowd blue-eyed boy is sad and being in contention for winning is not some consolation.
“I am not in the mood to play. Yesterday, I did not feel good and even today, I played OK, I hit all pars 5 in two but honestly I am still thinking about what I missed when I had to withdraw at PGA Q School…”
Dubuisson hurt himself during second round while playing a bunker shot and had to stop. The most talented French young gun had dreamt his life in America next year and has to reconsider or at least to postpone his goal.

Besides, Nicolas Joakimides is heading in the right direction. Calm and focus, fans were impressed by his way to deal with pressure.
“I am happy about my game today. I started pretty well holing some birdies. I was more relax than yesterday. The pressure is something you have to deal with during 4 days, especially when you are leading since the beginning. The most important is to stay focus and lucid. Everything can happen in golf, even if your are leading by 5 as I were in Normandy, a bad choice or shot can upset the leaderboard quite quick. And this is golf after all not war…”

From Mallemort
Agathe Séron

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2nd November 2012 | Alps Tour Golf

Joakimides and Bernadet to fight a duel in the sun


France’s Adrien Bernadet (picture) and Nicolas Joakimides are co-leaders at Masters 13 Allianz at -5. The course again defended itself pretty well and players suffered on greens despite perfect weather. Experimented Spain’s Carlos Garcia Simarro shot 69 to take third place by his own two shots behind leaders.
Masters 13 Allianz 2012 is a specific event. The breakdown is huge compare to Alps Tour regular event and all players are safe after two rounds as there is no cut. France’s Thomas Linard made the score of the day and he fired 66, 6 under par and jumped from the 37th place to the 4th. Thomas Linard is currently 15th at Alps Tour ranking and a win or even a second place alone could be synonym of Challenge Tour next season.

On the other hand, Adrien Bernadet is aiming the Tour. As many fellows, he will tee off at Q School second stage next week. His good form will for sure give him confidence.
“I did not play that good today but I putted well and I save some good pars. At the end of the day, I was a little less focus and the holes are very tough regarding the strategy from the tee area. But the day was great as the crowd was amazing. It is not so often that we have so many people to follow us on tournaments. They were as excited as during a final round and I really enjoyed it. ”

Overnight leader Nicolas Joakimides confessed he struggled a bit with his long game but spectators could appreciate his knife-edge short game.
European Tour star, Victor Dubuisson had a poor day or at least he seemed not to be satisfied about his game. He signed for 74 and slept to 9th place tie.

There is still a long path to lift the brightly coloured Masters 13 trophy and solid players such as former European Tour player Benoit Teilleria or Anthony Snobeck could make their move for a victory.

From Mallemort, Provence
Agathe Séron

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2012 Masters 13 Allianz, Day 2

Highlights Round 2 of Masters 13 Allianz

1st November 2012 | Alps Tour Golf

Stainless Joamikides to lead Masters 13 Allianz


France’s Nicolas Joakimides, 39 year old (right on the pict.), did confirm his good form by taking lead of Masters 13. He scored very solid 68 on slippery greens, fast as ice. Challenge Tour player, Adrien Bernadet is second by his own and a group of 3 players is -2 to complete podium: Spain’s Gerard Piris Mateu, Portugal’s Jose Felipe Lima and famous French musketeer, Victor Dubuisson.
Dubuisson is for sure the most popular alongside the fairways. Dozens of fans followed him all day and young player from Cannes enjoyed this friendly support. “I am happy to play here, many people know me since I was a kid. It is very nice to see them supporting me. Even if it is not my circuit I want to play well. Each time I take a tournament start, my goal is to win, so…”
The conditions were ideal today compare to the overnight heavy rain. The course was in very good shape, the weather was sunny with fare temperatures. It could have been one of those days when the course doesn’t resist to solid swings. But the speed of the greens was the asset of the Ballesteros course : 3,95 meters or 12 feet… Benoit Teilleria, used to joke, said to one of the referee : “It’s not Masters 13, it’s Master Augusta!”.
The leader is known, among other skills, for amazing putting and it is common to hear on practice green “Nicolas, please teach me how you putt…”. Joakimides has been improving a lot his game he said and after great win last month at Open International de Normandie, he confirmed playing better and better. “I have been playing really good since my win in Normandy. For example, I played the Makila Pro-Am and I won with -17 (3 rounds). I liked very much the greens today. The more difficult they are, the more I feel confident. I think my main skill on putting green is to feel, to know exactly the speed my ball needs to take the slope I want. I did not play that much this year but I will play on Alps Tour next year.”

In Mallemort, Provence.
Agathe Séron
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2012 Masters 13 Allianz, 1st Round

Highlights 1st Round Masters 13 Allianz 2012

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