19th December 2012 | Alps Tour Golf

Carlos Pigem pipped Christie and Enoch at the post


Spain’s Carlos Pigem, amateur, signed for 67 today for -13 total. He won the Alps Tour Qscchool final with narrow margin of one stroke over England’s Alexander Christie and Wales Rhys Enoch. No less than 8 nationalities are represented in the lucky 38 players who gained their full category to play the Alps Tour in 2013.

The weather was as great as during the first 2 rounds, warm and fair. The course of La Cala is build on hills all around the beautifull club house. Amateur Carlos Pigem is not a spring chicken. Despite his status, he knows how to deal with big event. He won last July the University Wrold Championship. He was a bit nervous he said.

” I’m very happy, I played well but I was nervous. The course was in great condition today after three sunny days and without wind I knew scores would be low. I felt the tension today and even more when I dropped one shot on the 17th hole. I didn’t know what the group in front did on 18th so I was a bit scared .Now I have a category on a professional tour so I will turn pro, I’m really looking forward to play professional tournaments with the better players. I will go to play the Asian Tour qualifying school as well and then see what happen.”

As far as nations are concerned, Spain is the winner with 9 players getting their category. England is second with 7 players and to join them two players from Scotland, one from Wales and one from Ireland. Italy got 7 players qualified as well. France 5, Austria and Switzerland 2, Norway and Germany one.

The Alps Tour is very happy to welcome you on its circuit. Thank you to La Cala team for amazing welcome. The first tournament is scheduled end of February.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year. See you in 2013!

By Agathe Séron

18th December 2012 | Alps Tour Golf

Guerisoli and Enoch neck to neck


Perfect weather and perfect temperature helped players to score low today in La Cala. Italy’s Marco Guerisoli (picture) and Wales Rhys Enoch both took the lead 18 holes to the end of the final Qschool. Guerisoli scored 67 today on Asia course and Enoch fired 64 on America course to aggregate -9.

A spring feeling was in the air during this second round in south Spain. No more wind compare to last week and no less than 25°C. The lack of pressure was a big help for one of the leader, Marco Guerisoli. He has been playing on the Alps Tour for a few seasons and decided to quit and teach last year. But the call of the game is still there.

” I am very happy about my game today, I only played 6 events last year cause I started to teach so I didn’t have time to play a lot. Honestly I didn’t prepare the Qualifying school, no short game at all eheh..(smiled). I was to busy with my work now as I am teaching so I train when I have time. I would like to have a AT category in order to program my work and play the tournament I prefer. I don’t have a lot of expectations and we’ll see what happen day by day. The courses are very good but very physical and wearying… The organization is very good and I’m very happy Alps Tour decided to play here cause I love Spain.”

At first place tie, Welsch Rhys Enoch. The 24 year old player from Cardiff had a glittering amateur carreer and grab his first win as pro last september as he teed off for the first time playing for money. The promising talent is one of Chubby Chandler’s rookies.

Today I started very well and my game was good during all round. 10 birdies and two bogeys. I’m happy to be here. I missed for one shot to get through the stage 3 of the EPTQ so I was very disappointed. Now I’m here and I’m going to try to get the AT category to have few options to play next year. I will have invites on Challeng Tour but when it won’t be possible to play on the upper circuit, I will play the Alps Tour.”

The cut is fixed at +2 for 70 players. Famous former European Tour player France’s François Delamontage failed to qualify.

By Agathe Séron

17th December 2012 | Alps Tour Golf

Giacomo Tonelli leader, Mark Murphy close


Italy’s Giacomo Tonelli signed for the best score 66, 6 under on America course in La Cala. On his toes on stroke back, famous Golf Channel Big Break 2012 winner, Ireland’s Mark Murphy. A pack of five players are -4. The score to be in precious top 30 today was one under.

Giacomo Tonelli is 25 year old and just completed his fourth season on the Alps Tour. It was a poor one he confessed.

“I was really not happy about my game during the last season on the Alps Tour, so I worked a lot with my coach Andrea Basciu before the Qualifying school and now I feel really confident, everything went well today so I’m very happy. Even if I started with a bogey, I holed 6 birdies and ended my round with an eagle. Giorgio De Pieri who was my caddy me today helped me a lot keeping me calm and he told me everything during all the round, also when I had to drink and eat.”

His challenger today was Ireland’s Mark Murphy, 34 year old. Murphy’s experience is for sure bigger than most of the field. First of all he is 34 year old but most of all he was Rocco Mediate caddy on PGA Tour during 12 years. His name is famous as well thanks to his victory last february in the TV game “Big Break” aired on Golf Channel. He admitted he was not in his plan to come to play on the Alps Tour.

“I did not want to play here but I missed the Q school stage 2 of European Tour. I was very disappointed because I was really confident I could get through. Here, I don’t have any expectation and I will see what come everyday”.

By Agathe Séron

16th December 2012 | Alps Tour Golf

D-1 before Final Qualifying Stage at La Cala Resort


Final Qualifying Stage will start tomorrow at 9.30am. Today, players are on course for practice. 144 players from 17 different countries will challenge Asia & America courses from Monday to try to get the 65 “cards” which will allowed them to play all the 2013 Alps Tour Season.
A cloudy day welcomes the 59 players who are exempted and arrived yesterday to play the final event of the School, joining the 85 qualified through the First Stage.
Alps Tour events winners, European Tour, Challenge Tour, & great amateur players are composing the strong field of this year and the two courses here at La Cala will be a very tough test for them.
Following the regulations, the field will be spit on two courses for the first two rounds and all the players will play both courses. After 36 holes, the best 65 players and ties will dispute the final round to have the opportunity to get the playing category for the 2013 season.

14th December 2012 | Alps Tour Golf

Shadbolt, Guzman and Cuquejo lead the race to Final Stage


The second and last round of first stage was completed in a windy atmosphere. The three courses of La Cala did defend themselves well and players struggled to stay focused to the target : the Final Stage. England’s Tom Sahdbolt and Spain’s Xavier Guzman and Gervasio Cuquejo are the winners on each course.

Guzman, 31 year old, is the most experimented player of the trio. He used to play on Peugeot Tour in Spain and won The Madrid Open in 2009. « I did not play perfectly and my feeling could be better but it was enough to play solid and I am satisfied with my game. » He scored 72 and 69 for -3 total on Asia Course.

On America course, England’s Tom Shadbolt confirmed overnight supremacy. He fired 68 after overnight 67 and won with -9 total. Shadbolt’s exploit as young pro was to qualify to the 140th Open. He played in Royal Saint Georges in 2011. His goal is obviously to get a category on Challenge Tour and Tour. « I expected the course to be more difficult today cause the wind. My game was regular and I hit a lot of greens. I am very happy and confident for Final Stage.”

Then, on Europa course, local Andalusian player Gervasio Cuquejo took the first place. The 23 year old player from Marbella took advantage playing almost in his garden. Europa course is the most exposed course to the wind and he managed to signed for a great 67 -4, he finished -3 total.

” Yesterday my putter worked perfectly, but today all my game was perfect, I played solid and I really didn’t feel the wind, I made 6 birdies and 2 bogies and I had a good feeling during all the round.The Europa course was a though test today with this wind condition but when you play well you don’t feel it.The course was in perfect conditions and I think the course guys worked hard to prepare it.The Alps Tour organization is very good, a lot of referees are on the courses and shuttles to reach all the important points in this big and beautiful complex.I’m very happy and I hope to continue to play in the same way next week in the final stage.

Time now to rest and practice during the week end as the Final Stage starts on Monday.

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By Agathe Séron

13th December 2012 | Alps Tour Golf

Five leaders on three courses in La Cala


After a tough day on three difficult courses, First Round of the First Qualifying Stage is now over. 85 players will be qualified tomorrow evening for the Final Stage: 38 on Asia course, 37 on America course and 10 on Europa one.

On Asia, three players are sharing the lead at -3: Spain’s Jose Maria Orozco, England’s Ben Montgomery (for his first appearance on Alps Tour) and Italian Simone Baroni. The 29 year old player from Florence said “I made 3 birdies and one eagle on the first nine holes. When we went to the back nine, the wind became stronger and conditions changed a lot. It was more difficult. La Cala is a very technical course and you have to play well if you want to make a good score. As always, the Alps Tour organization is really good.”

On America side, tournament is led by Tom Shadbolt from London who scored 67, five under par, and with two strokes clear. “The America course is in very good condition, especially the greens” said the 24 year old Englishman. “I played solidly. My goal is to join Challenge Tour then European Tour and the Alps Tour is the best way to achieve it as friends of mine suggested.”

Last on Europa, Nick Flynn leads with 70, one under par. The Englishman from London aged 26 told us: “the course is very tough and the level of play is really high. I made three birdies and two bogeys. My good short game helped me a lot.”

Tomorrow, players will do their best to qualify for the Final Stage. Good luck to everybody!

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12th December 2012 | Alps Tour Golf

D-1 before 1st Round of Qualifying School – First Stage at La Cala


Cloudy day for the last practice day at La Cala Golf. Last preparations are in progress: courses, starting times, local rules, banners, scoreboard and leaderboards… Everybody is in starting blocks..
Tomorrow will start the first round of the First Stage of Qualifying School. 175 players from 22 nationalities will dispute the two rounds on the three courses – Asia, America and Europa – in order to qualify for the Final Stage.
The three courses offer different challenges. The America couse is longer than the tighter Asia Course. Fairways of Europa course are generous from the tess and the greens are slightly larger on the existing courses. All three courses have been designed by Cabell B. Robinson.
More details on the Q-School Section here.

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First Stage of Qualifying School: 3..2..1..GO!


Nice sunny day with warm temperature to start the first round of Qualifying School – First Stage at La Cala.
A total of 85 places are available for Final Stage: 38 spots on Asia, 37 on America and 10 on Europa.

Scores will be communicate every nine holes.

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