1st March 2016 | Alps Tour Golf

Everybody loved Jacky

Jacky Audemard, 73, passed away last Sunday in Cairo after perforation of an ulcer of the stomach. He was one of the most famous referee on Alps Tour. He had been working with Estelle Richard and her crew for more than 10 years now and everybody, officials, players, volunteers have a funny story in mind to make his mind lives forever. Picture (c) Alexis Orloff

He was a great referee for sure but let’s talk about the back stages today. The jokes behind his grumpy face and the big smiles in his eyes, always…

Officials could have punched him for arriving at an official dinner in slippers… « My feet hurt me, I don’t care, I had golf shoes all day long no now, I am off ! »
That was Jacky…

The volunteers in Haut Poitou remembered well how Jacky made them believed he could recognized a ball from its sound after being hit by a driver… Obviously he knew that the player on the tee was the only one in the field to play Maxfli, but the gossip went quicker than the truth
« The chief referee knows the sound of each brand of balls… »:-D

Grumpy, moaning on greens when he struggled to find good pin positions. He wanted all his flags to be fair.

« A hole must be on a flat area within one yard! » He kept arguing. His goal, was to be fair for the field and the players.

And on of the best tribute is from the players. Every body loved Jacky because they knew they will get the right decision. He knows a bunch of decisions and understood the spirit of the rules. Don’t ever talk to him about its numbers, he did not care. But he knows, what could be done in every single situation.

Last but not least, he could see all the tricks of a course when he had to mark it but did you know his own signature?

The Jacky Ground Under Repair… He used to draw, a penis shape’s GUR, with its 2 big jewels just to able to laugh when he had to give a drop from there…

Our teddy bear, moody but mischievous, brilliant mind and bon vivant. We will miss you so much. Forever in our hearts.

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