27th May 2017 | Alps Tour Golf

Coussaud wins battle of nerves in Paris

France’s Ugo Coussaud defeated Spain’s amateur Adri Arnaus after 5th extra hole and grabbed his maiden win as a pro. He started the day 9 shots back of the lead, produced the best score of the day 66 and eventually after more than an hour of play-off, lifted the trophy of inaugural Golf Open Clément Ader.

It was a tough day for the overnight leader. Young amateur from Spain could not do better today than 74 and holed for a birdie to gt into a play-off. On the other hand, Ugo Coussaud kept on surfing on his good form – he finished second last week- and signed for stunning 66.

«  I did not expect this win this morning. I was 9 shots back. But I started well but I knew I had to go low if I wanted to get closer to the podium. During the play-off it was really difficult as the 8th is a short par 4 but not so easy to make a birdie and on the 18th Adria made a mistake ending in the water so I took advantage of it. My golf now is to win the Alps Tour Ranking. »

The third player on the podium is last week winner, Austria’s Lukas Nemecz. Thanks to back to back good results, he enters Alps Tour ranking top 3. Coussaud is the new leader is second. Former leader Lars Van Meijel slept the fourth place and Julien Brun is 5th.

26th May 2017 | Alps Tour Golf

Arnaus on a highway to maiden win in France

Spain’s Adria Arnaus dug his advantage thanks to 69 second card for -9 total. He will have a huge margin of 6 shots heading to final day and trying to get his maiden win. His challengers are two former Alps Tour winners, Belgium’s Kevin Hesbois and last week winner, Austria’s Lukas Nemecz, former European Tour player.

The young amateur from Spain kept the rhythm during second round in Paris. He managed to tame the tricky course of Clément Ader Golf Club. Only three players in the total field shot under par back to back, the leader 66-69, Lukas Nemecz 70-71 and Thomas Grava from France 71-71.

The cut is fixed at +5, five shots higher than the average on the Alps Tour.

Arnaus said he kept the same strategy to play the course.

“Same as yesterday, I did my best to keep the ball in play. On this course, it is really important to hit the fairways, then the greens to have chance to roll some putts. I managed to hit 9 greens on the front which gave me a lot of opportunities. And then on the back, I missed a couple greens but I had some good ups and downs.
Obviously, I took some experience 3 weeks back in Madrid when I was in the group behind the leading group and that was a really cool experience. What I will take is just to play my game. Basically my game plan won’t change for tomorrow.”

25th May 2017 | Alps Tour Golf

Spanish Amateur Adria Arnaus storms clear in Paris

Spain’s amateur Adria Arnaus, 60th at World Amateur Golf Ranking, signed for opening 66, 6 under par card during first round of inaugural Open Golf Clément Ader Paris. France’s Ugo Coussaud, is one shot back and David Morago of Spain is two shots further.

The 22 year old just won last week the Spanish Amateur Championship and his good form followed him in France. He was -8 until the last too holes, the 8th and 9th but unfortunately he dropped back to back shots heading to the club house. The young man, recently graduated in finance by Mays Business School TEXAS A&M University, won his first big title as amateur in France in 2009, the Evian Masters Junior Cup.

On his toes, Frenchman Ugo Coussaud who finished second last week in Austria.

« The course is pretty tough. There is no hole to relax. A missed shot is almost a big price to pay so I am really happy with my day. »

22nd May 2017 | Alps Tour Golf

Inaugural Clément Ader Open to make history again

The Alps Tour is very pleased to be in France for the first time this season for inaugural Clément Ader Open. Owned by Ireland’s Tom O’Driscoll, the golf course has a great history to share.

Clément Ader (2 April 1841 – 3 May 1925) was a French inventor and engineer who was born in Muret , Haute Garonne (a distant suburb of Toulouse), and died in Toulouse. He is remembered primarily for his pioneering work in Aviation .

Using the studies of Louis Pierre Mouillard (1834–1897) on the flight of birds, he constructed his first flying machine in 1886, the Éole. It was a bat-like design run by a lightweight steam engine of his own invention, with 4 cylinders developing 20 horsepower (15 kW), driving a four-blade propeller. The engine weighed no more than 4 kg/kW (7 pounds per horsepower). The wings had a span of 14 m (46 ft). All-up weight was 300 kg (650 lb). On 9 October 1890 Ader attempted to fly the Éole. Aviation historians give credit to this effort as a powered take off and uncontrolled hop of approximately 50 m (160 ft) at a height of approximately 20 cm, (8 in).Ader also claimed credit for getting off the ground in the Éole.

This first flight happened on the first fairway of the 18 hole championship course. One of the most difficult in France, Rating Slope 139 SSS 73,2, the 6069 meter golf course will be a true challenge for Alps Tour players.

Last week winner, Lukas Nemecz and current Alps Tour leader Lars Van Meijel are obviously in the mood for a great week.

Source Wikipedia EN and www.golfclementader.com

20th May 2017 | Alps Tour Golf

Lukas Nemecz seals maiden win in Gösser Open

Austria’s Lukas Nemecz won the 25th Gösser Open on home soil. With final round 68 for -15 total, completed the 54 hole tournament with a 2 shot lead over France’s rookie Ugo Coussaud.

« Emotionally it is just really awesome. Winning a home tournament, it was great fun. It was a great week because I started shooting 64 on the first day and from that day I never left the lead. It makes a lot of fun, it was really thrilling at the end, I knew that some guys were coming close. I had a very good season on the Alps Tour in 2013 when I managed to go out for the Challenge Tour, I had a lot of top 5 and two or three runner up but I never won. The following year my brother won twice including the Gösser Open, and he is my younger brother so it is nice to at least win once, I am only one short of him now!
I manage though to stay very calm, for the last shot, it was windy and I could have been easily too long with the adrenaline as well. I had 127 meters which is normally perfect for a wedge but I hit a full sand wedge. I am very glad I made a very good shot. A bogey was a win too but it is nice finish this way.
I will now have a few Gösser ! »

Should Nemecz decides to take his Alps Tour membership he would jump the the third place of the ranking still hold by Lars Van Meijel.

19th May 2017 | Alps Tour Golf

JB Gonnet and Lukas Nemecz set for duel in Gösser Open

It is a tie for the lead at -11 heading to the last day of the 25th Gösser Open played in GC Erzherzog Johann. Former European Tour players, France’s JB Gonnet and Austria’s Lukas Nemecz signed for respectively 68 and 69 to lead by one shot over Molteni and Perrot.

It was a hot day in Maria Lankovitz, 27°C but light wind helped to refresh the air. The target was set at the club house in the morning by Italy’s Gregori Molteni and France’s Thomas Perrot with -10 total.

Both player scored flawless card. But the overnight leader and his challenger, playing in the same group, did one shot better.

« I made a bogey on the first hole but it was kind of irrelevant because I missed a small putt because I just did not concentrate so I told myself, OK focus! It was not bad it was just stupid. I played solid but I did not roll many putts but luckily at the end I holed a few. It was tough because the greens are slower in the afternoon, more grainy so I could not get the speed today.
I am looking forward for tomorrow. Winning tomorrow would be very important because at the end of the day it is all about getting more confidence. It would give a lot because it is a tournament at home and there is more pressure to handle. Emotionally it is special to play here. »

It is about regain confidence as well for Gonnet who has been playing on main tour for 7 seasons and lost his privileges end of 2013.

« I am very happy with my 2 rounds without bogeys but believe me today I made some mistakes but I managed to save pars. It was hot, I was a bit tired or something because I was less efficient at the end of the round.
A win is a win, even on a smaller circuit, it would give confidence and obviously it would be great but the main goal is to play well and to improve my game for the future. »

18th May 2017 | Alps Tour Golf

Lukas Nemecz signed for 64 in his garden

Austria’s Lukas Nemecz signed for best score of the day with 64, 8 under par card to lead by one the 25th Gösser Open. Almost in his own garden, the young local talent used perfectly his experience made last Year On European Tour to tame one of his favorite course. The weather was dry and hot for the season.

The two fellows he was playing with played almost as well with JB Gonnet shot 65 and Florian Fritsch 69. France’s Thomas Perrot is third on the provisional podium with 66, 6 under par card.

« First of all it was a nice group to play with. Florian is a good friend of mine and JB I’ve know him for many years on the Challenge Tour, he is a good player and I always liked him. It was a great day for us. All of us were bogey free until Florian made one on the 17th.

I am very solid with my game. I played very solid and I had lots of medium distance to the pin as about 4 meters but I mad also.

I started with a 64 in this tournament a few years ago and I had put for birdie and 63 on the 18th to go for the course record. I am of course way more experienced after my year on European Tour last year. I learn so much and it is great to come back to play a tournament at home. I like this place and the Alps Tour always run great competition. On this course you need to be so patient, because it makes you believe that each hole is a birdie opportunity but obviously not because greens are not so easy to read and you have to stay patient. »

France’s JB Gonnet did enjoy as well the draw of the first two days. The former European Tour player aims to play as well as possible on Alps Tour to be ready for Q-School at the end of the year.

« Before playing, when I saw the draw I was very pleased. It is very kind to have put us together. I have been knowing Lukas and Florian for a while. It was great today as we had a race between us on top. Lukas played perfectly and I was not too bad too. We made lots of birdies.

It can be a tricky course because you first think that each hole is a birdie opportunity but the greens with the grain are so tough to read that you can get frustrated to miss. You have to be patient because you could be at level par or -1 and playing really well though. So you can loose your temper. »

15th May 2017 | Alps Tour Golf

The Gösser Open – 25th anniversary

The Alps Tour season in Europe is about to resume, let’s have a focus on a very special tournament, unique in the Alps Tour history.

The Gösser Open celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2017 and it’s the 17th edition on the official Alps Tour schedule, since 2001. In many ways, the Gösser Open deserves the words – special, unique, unrivaled.

The Austrian brewery is the most faithful sponsor of a tournament on the Alps Tour. Precious partner since the beginning of the tournament before entering the Alps Tour calendar, the company is synonymous for happiness, party and celebration for all players and spectators who had the chance to attend the Gösser Open.

For Alps Tour members, coming to the Gösser Open is always a true joy. Elders inform rookies that the place is unique in many terms. Hosted by the GC Erzherzog Johann in the cute little town of Maria Lankowitz in Austria, the atmosphere of the event is very special. The team has been there since the first edition on the Alps Tour and one can feel the friendly, family and professional welcome thanks to Klaus Geyrhofer, Gerald Stangl, Dunja Loitsch, Mark Rotermund, Robert  Keusch and all volunteers around their President, Hansjörg Langer.

Last but not least, the promoter worked on the Gösser Open since 2001,  the Murhof-group and its President Johannes Goess-Saurau. They took care of this symbolic event as a precious jewel and thanks to their commitment, many amazing stories happened on course and were part of the historical book written in Austria.

The longest play-off happened in 2008 when home favorite Martin Wiegele defeated Emmanuele Latanzzi and Andre Rota after extra 8 holes. All fans do remember very emotional Scott Henry of Scotland lifting his maiden trophy and his speech about his parents’ sacrifice for his career. Ireland’s Brendan McCarroll wrote two nice chapters of the event with the only back to back win in 2012 and 2013. The Irishman did also enjoy well fishing in the lake by the course with his fellows. And then, Matt Wallace, the multiple winner on the Alps Tour in 2016, engraved his name on the big Gösser glass trophy, one of his six victories last year. (picture)

The 2017 edition will take place from the 18th to the 20th of May, same place, same sponsor, same people, same passion!

6th May 2017 | Alps Tour Golf

Maiden win for Garcia Rodriguez on home soil

Sebastian Garcia Rodriguez sealed maiden victory on Alps Tour defeating his fellow countryman young amateur Adria Arnaus after first extra hole.

The 28 year old player from Madrid only needed one extra hole to win Alps de Las Catillas trophy. This tournament shown a different face every day. The first round was in Dutch hands with Van Meijel leading, the second round was blue-white and red thanks to Jérôme Lando-Casanova but the ultimate round, the one that matters offered a 100% Spanish podium.

The overnight leader did not manage to keep same pace while Spaniards dug their advantage birdie after birdie. David Borda finished third thanks to final 68, -10. Adria Arnaus signed for the best score of the day tie, 65 to go to -13 total and Sebastian Garcia recorded 66 for same total as he holed birdie on the last regular hole.

Experience helped Garcia to keep nerves of steel during the play-off. He earns the second biggest check of his career, 6960 €.

The Alps Tour ranking after Alps De Las Castillas, 1st, Lars Van Meijel, then Julien Brun, Jérôme Lando-Casanova, Jacopo Vecchi Fossa and David Borda.

5th May 2017 | Alps Tour Golf

Lando-Casanova surged one clear

France’s Jérôme Lando-Casanova took the lead of Alps de Las Castillas thanks to 69, 3 under par card for -8 total heading to last round. Overnight leader Dutch Lars Van Meijel had a poor back nine, 1st to 9th hole in 40 to slide from pole position to 6th tie as he eventually shot 74.

The course defended itself better than during first round on Cabanillas Golf in Guadalajara as rain and some wind showed up during the day. Lando Casanova used his experience of Alps Tour and Challenge Tour winner as well as former European Tour player to tame the course and take narrow advantage of one stroke over Spain’s Sebastian Garcia Rodriguez.

A group of 3 Spaniards is tie for 3rd place with -6 total : Jesus Legarrea, David Borda and amateur Adria Arnaus. The top of the leaderboard is quite congested with 16 players in 4 shots. The weather forecast is pretty nice for final round and players should go for the pins as the greens are a bit more receptive thanks to drops of rain. The cut eventually felt at level par.

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