25th June 2017 | Alps Tour Golf

Flying Radureau to seal maiden win in France

France’s Maxime Radureau fired astonishing 62, -9 for -22 total and won maiden title in Open de la Mirabelle d’or. Overnight leader Antoine Rozner confessed he could not do anything aagainst this outrageous game of his compatriot. Shawn Jones from New Zealand finished third on his own with -15.

« A great round, I was totally focus all day long. I was patient and last nine hole was like in a dream. I played -8 from 9th to 18th. » said Radureau.
« This results really pleased me and give some confidence as I was playing well since the beginning of the season but I did not get the results I expected.
Finally a new era has come this as far as my putting is concern. I have not been putting well since for months and this week, I finally holed many putts. »

Ugo Coussaud took the lead of the Alps Tour Ranking with only 28,5 point advantage over Adria Arnaus. Lars Van Meijel is third and a pack of three players have less than 150 points away from each other : Thomas Elissalde, JB Gonnet, Maxime Radureau and recent winner Maxime Radureau.

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Rozner strong despite Radureau’s hunt

Antoine Rozner keeps a narrow lead after third round of Open de la Mirabelle d’or. The 23 year old player from Paris scored 69, -2 to lead by one at -14 over Maxime Radureau. The latter was the real threat of the day, he was -8 after 15 holes, -16 total but he struggled to keep the pace until the end of the round and lost three shots in three holes.

Rozner will play for maiden win tomorrow but he knows that good scores can come from behind but he seems to be ready to handle the pressure as his game is currently really efficient.

« It was not a bad day. The only regret I could have is not having made birdies on easy holes such as first, 4th, 10th, 11th and 12th so it was a pity not taking advantage of this. But it is never easy to lead like this but most of all, I am happy with my behavior and I stayed calm, that was really good. I will try to do the same tomorrow.
I had Maxime on my toes, he was playing really well but this is the game and tomorrow, if not Max, another could shoot low and I have to be ready and I think I really have to focus on my game and not watching the other payers. There is no reason not to play well because I strike the ball so well currently so the leit motiv will be, stay focus on yourself and don’t use the calculator on course ! »

23rd June 2017 | Alps Tour Golf

Rozner increased half way lead in France

Antoine Rozner increased his advantage heading to the week end in Metz, France. He signed back to back 65 to lead with -12, three shot clear of fellow countryman Léonard Bem and one shot further of Maxime Radureau.. Still very hot temperatures on course of La Grange aux Ormes this Friday, more than 35°C and windy.

«  It was not the same feeling as yesterday, I struggled to find the pace of the greens and I three putted twice. But in the other hand I holed two eagles, including a gimme on the 12th. It was again a very good day and I am pleased with that.
It is a four round event which is not so often on the Alps Tour but I won’t play differently during the moving. I know I am only half way tournament and I want to keep on with this good feeling. I will have a good rest as it took a lots of energy to play with such a heat, 35-38 ° C on course. »

The cut felt at level par with 43 players including an amateur, Aurélien Simeurt.

22nd June 2017 | Alps Tour Golf

Rozner took the lead on home soil

France’s Antoine Rozner fired solid 65, -6 during Open de la Mirabelle d’or first round. The Parisian had 5 birdies, one eagle and dropped one shot on the last hole to lead by 2 shots over a group of 3 compatriots, Maxime Radureau, Léonard Bem and Julien Brun.

« I am really happy with my day, I played really well. I stroke the ball very nicely, I think I only missed one green. On front nine, I really took my chance while playing without wind, I put myself quickly in the ‘birdie mood’ as I was 4 under after 5 holes, so it really launched me in the round. I managed to keep the pace and I holed for birdie on pars 5 on back nine. I would like to keep this momentum tomorrow but not being to aggressive for the moment. I have been putting well these past days so I’d like to take advantage of it this week.

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Crespi back in the winner circle

Marco Crespi, 38, won La Pinetina Open 2017 after defeated Lars Van Miejel and James Sharp in a play-off. Crespi, multiple winner on Alps Tour, 5 titles from 2008 to 2011 et once winner on European Tour will build on this victory to have pleasure to play again.

«  I have been playing really well all week and when I holed the eagle on the 8th and specially whenI holed my approach on par 4 12th for another eagle, I had the feeling it could be my day. During the play-off, honestly, it was more a patience game and more to wait about who would do a mistake. I think my experience helped me.
I don’t want to do any plans, I just want to enjoy this win and think about having fun again on a golf course. »

Adria Arnaus kept the leadership on the Alps Tour Ranking followed by Ugo Coussaud, Lars Van Meijel, Thomas Elissalde and Lukas Nemecz.

15th June 2017 | Alps Tour Golf

Sharp still in pole position in Italy

England’s James Sharp signed for 65, 5 under par, to lead by two shots over Netherlands’ Lars Van Meijel and Italy’ Marco Crespi.

Van Meijel set an early leading score when he fired 61 this morning enjoying a fresher air. He holed a few nice putts of 3 or 4 meters and made no mistakes. Since his win in February he had ups and downs on course but kept on training to recover the form he showed in Egypt.

The target was then settled at -11 for the overnight leader when he teed up in the afternoon. The Englishman had a shy front nine but eventually managed to relax and be more efficient.

« I struggled a little bit on the front nine, I was a little nervous. I made a silly bogey on the 7. I miss a birdie on the 8 but I ttok a really shot onto 10, I could have made eagle but from there I felt much more comfortable. This birdie definitively helped to relax.

I just felt better on the back nine, I can not really put my finger on why but Eventually I just get used to be in that situation, see the leaderboard with my name on it.

Lars can shoot low and I have been told that Marco is a multiple winner on Alps Tour and once on European Tour. I would like to play the same tomorrow as I played in the first two days. I picked some positions in the fairways when I leave myself short irons to the greens. It will be some pins tomorrow you can’t go for But if I can hole a couple of putts here and there. But playing with Lars and Marco will be fun. »

14th June 2017 | Alps Tour Golf

James Played Sharp in Italy

England’s James Sharp showed his talent today on La Pinetina golf course. He fired 62, 8 under par, his best score ever in a competition. He has a two shot lead over a group of 5 players including European Tour winner Italy’s Marco Crespi.

Sharp confessed at the beginning of the tournament that money will shortly because an issue if he wants to keep on playing on Alps tour. This emergency seemed to give him wings and skills to shot his best score ever in a tournament.

« This my score ever in competition, by 3 shots. This event is my last event if I don’t get enough money this. I fell like I have been playing well all year. To be honest, I have been making silly mistakes and made triples and so on but today, I avoid these mistakes.

On the last one, I holed about 10 meters. I saw that the leaders were -6 and I was -7. I had a good line and a good pace, I had the pace all day so.
Tomorrow will be very hot in the afternoon when I play so I have to be prepared, lots of water, wet towel around the neck but you know we played in Guadeloupe, Tunisia and it was hotter than this and it is the same for everyone. I will try to stay calm and not spend to much energy on silly things. »

On his toes a pack of 5 players, Italy’s Federico Felli and Marco Crespi, the latter is a multiple winner on the Alps Tour. Austria’s HP Bacher, who is playing his first season on Alps Tour and Frenchmen Marc Rodriguez Calassou and Ugo Coussaud who won in France a couple weeks ago.

10th June 2017 | Alps Tour Golf

Arnaus to grab maiden win, finally!

Spanish amateur Adria Arnaus finally sealed his maiden as pro defeating France’s Grégoire Schoeb after extra hole in a play-off. He signed for 67, a 3 under par card during last round for -13 total.

It took just 3 tournaments to talented Spanish amateur to grab his first victory as pro on the Alps Tour. He had played only 2 events before Villaverde Open and twice, finished second including a play-off lost on home soil.

The 22 year old player took the lead after first round and played in last group this Saturday close to the Alps Tour leader this morning, France’s Ugo Coussaud. But the threat did not came from his playing partner but from another Frenchman Grégoire Schoeb. The latter fired 65 to settle the winning score at -13.

Arnaus holed for birdie on the last hole to get into the play-off but this time, he did not fail to put pressure on French rookie and eventually, finally won the trophy. Thanks to this win, he is now the new leader of the Alps Tour ranking. He did not get the money of the 1st rank, Schoeb did, but he got the points for the ranking. His stats results are amazing, 3 events played = 2nd, 2nd, 1st.

Coussaud lost one place, Nemecz is third, Lars Van Meijel and Last week winner, Thomas Elissalde are respectively 4th and 5th.

9th June 2017 | Alps Tour Golf

Arnaus once again in contention for maiden win

Spain’s Adria Arnaus is on his way for third attempt to grab maiden win on Alps Tour. The young player, still amateur ranked 50th in the World Amateur Golf Ranking, is playing his third tournament on the rising stars golf circuit and finished twice second.

After brilliant second round of 64, -6 he led the Villaverde Open by one single shot, with -10 total, over Alps Tour leader France’s Ugo Coussaud. The latter signed for same score.

Should Arnaus have learn from his previous runner-up places, the third time would be the right one to lift a trophy. He is currently second at the ranking with only 2 events played.

Other men in form should be watched as a group of 4 players are only 2 shots back of the lead, Frenchmen Grégoire Schoeb and Xavier Poncelet, Italy’s Jacopo Vecchi Fossa and Kiwi Shaun Jones.

8th June 2017 | Alps Tour Golf

Rozner set the pace in Italy

France’s Antoine Rozner shot low and signed for flawless 62, -8 during first round of Villaverde Open. His fellow country Grégoire Schoeb is one shot back, then a shot further Kiwi Shaun Jones and Netherlands’ Max Albertus.

« I am very happy with my day, I really played very well. I started from the 10th tee and the back nine is more complicated than front nine and I managed to handle it quite well. I was -1 heading back and I was already satisfied with this score because some holes are tricky.

Then from 1st to 9th, everything went well. I birdied all the pars 5, it helps for sure, and I holed really some good putts and at the end it’s a -8 signed for. It was a beautiful golfing day. I am very happy to start the tournament this way. »

The projected cut is -1.

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