19th April 2018 | Alps Tour Golf

Help offset costs for Issa’s surgery and upcoming treatments

Issa Nlareb Amang is a young pro golfer from Cameroon and very talented,

He was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis during our first tournament of the season, in Egypt last February. He was sent to hospital in ICU then declared a septic shock. Thanks to Egyptian doctors who saved him from death but the treatment for the septicaemia led to other severe problems as the partial loss of his extremities.

After three weeks in Egypt, he was rapatriated to his country and took in charge in the General Hospital of Yaoundé (Cameroon). Following the lack of improvement in clinical status and the emergency of his state, it was decided to send him to Hopital Saint-Luc in Brussels (Belgium) for an amputation of some of his feet and hands and setting of protheses.

You can imagine the cost of such a surgery and upcoming treatments for someone who has no social security at all.

At this point in time, we are unsure of what the final costs will be to him and his family but a minimum of 80-100,000 €uros for sure.

Anything you can give to Issa, no matter the amount, is very much appreciated.

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Many thanks for your support!

11th April 2018 | Alps Tour Golf

Spain’s Borda wins maiden victory in Obidos

Spain’s David Borda won the Obidos International Open today at the Guardian Bom Sucesso Golf (Portugal) with a total of -5, one shot ahead of England’s Marcus Mohr. 

It was Borda’s first professional win. It was also the first time in its history the Alps Tour held a tournament in Portugal, co-sanctioned by the Portugal pro Golf Tour

«  I’m feeling great, it’s my first victory as a pro, I could not be happier » 31-year-old Borda said. «  It was a tough tournament. Yesterday, we played 18 holes in 12 hours, it was a long long day but it was well worth it » he explained. 
Yesterday’s second round was disrupted by heavy rain showers that led to a 4h30 interruption. Last night, organisers announced the tournament would be played over 36 holes due to the lack of time to organise a final round.  
«  I did not play today, I was waiting nervously for the results to come in despite the live scoring not working » Borda said. «  I had to wait until the last match to find out I had won » he said. 
With today’s victory, David Borda now leads the Order of Merit, the Alps Tour official season ranking.
«  Last year, I finished 7th on the Alps Tour’s season ranking, I was 60 points short to enter the Challenge Tour so it was a tough moment. I kept working and finally, it paid off today » Borda concluded.  
«  It feels nice » Marcus Mohr (ENG), who finished 2nd place overall (-4), said. « Playing all these years in Links golf in England paid off with all the wind and rain we had here » he added. « I feel confortable playing in waterproofs, the greens were really really quick out there. This is a great venue, the golf course is amazing » he concluded. 
Portugal’s Joao Carlota turned in the best card of the day (-5) to finish tied for 3rd place overall. Frenchmen Guillaume Cambis and Julien Brun, Michele Ortolani (ITA) and Lars Van Meijel ‘NED) also finished tied for 3rd place.  
Weather conditions were overcast most of the day with high winds and temperature in mid 10s. 

Next tournament for the rising golf stars of the Alps Tour is the Gosser Open in Austria on May 24th. 

10th April 2018 | Alps Tour Golf

Rain disrupt 2nd Round in Portugal

The second round of the Obidos International Open was heavily disrupted today by rain showers that led to a 4h30 interruption.
«  We started the game normally because the weather forecast was not that bad. And then, at 09h08 local time, it started to rain a lot, greens and fairways were flooded and we had to stop the play » Alessandro Pia, Tournament Director, said.
«  We resumed the game at 13h45 local but there was not enough time to finish the second round of the tournament because it was becoming too dark to play » Pia explained.
At the end of the day, David Borda (ESP) is the new current leader at -5. Yesterday’s co-leader Rui Morris (POR) only played 3 holes and remains in second place at -4. Tied for third place at -3 are Lars Van Meijel (NED), Guillaume Cambis (FRA) and Michele Ortolani (ITA) who all completed the second round.
«  It was a long day, a really long day » David Borda (ESP) said. « I started at 8 o’clock in the morning, played 4 holes and then stopped playing. We resumed playing in the afternoon and we were able to finish, I’m very happy with the result as I made 3 under with tough conditions, I put really good » he added.  When I stopped playing, I went back to my apartment to have some rest and just waited until play resumed » he explained.
« I only played 5 holes today » Julien Brun (FRA) explained at the clubhouse. « It’s frustrating as we’re here to play and it’s not easy to start at 19h, it was a difficult day » he added.
«  The second round will resume tomorrow morning at 9h15 » Pia announced.  « There won’t be enough time to launch a final round without the risk of not completing it. Therefore, the committee took the decision to cancel the third round and the tournament will be reduced to 36 holes » he added.

9th April 2018 | Alps Tour Golf

3-way tie in first Round of the Obidos International Open

Round 1 of the Obidos International Open in Portugal ended on a 3-way tie today.

Rui Morris (POR), Andrea Saracino (ITA) and Nicolas Aparicio (FRA) led a pack of 125 players to finish the day at -4.
This is the first time in its history the Alps Tour holds a tournament in Portugal. The Obidos International Open, co-sanctionned by the Portugal Pro Golf Tour, is taking place thru Wednesday at the Guardian Bon Sucesso Golf located about 100 kilometers north of Lisbon.  The €30,000 prize money tournament is played over 54 holes of traditional stroke.
«  I started really well making birdies on hole 10 and then on holes 12 and 13 » Morris, who teed off the first Round  from hole 10, said. Morris is part of a group of Portuguese players invited to play on the Alps Tour because the tournament is taking place in their country « It gave me some good feelings and I just keep going, trying to keep my game the same throughout the day » he added.
«  I played very good today »  said Andrea Saracino who finished the day with 4 birdies. «  I hope the sun will shine tomorrow and I hope to continue playing good » Saracino added, smiling.
« It was not easy to start because it was really windy » Aparicio said. «  I made my first birdie on hole 5. I hit a really good 7 iron just one meter to the hole and then I was more relaxed, I hit the ball really good » Aparicio said. The Frenchman had a total of 5 birdies and a bogey.
«  All day we had a lot of wind, it was not easy because if you don’t hit the ball good, it goes too much on the left or too much on the right » Aparicio said.
Weather conditions were indeed particularly difficult today with strong winds and rain showers in the afternoon. Temperatures reached the mid 10s. Rain is expected tomorrow and Wednesday.
«  Tomorrow, the weather conditions are not going to be great, we know that, but we just need to play as the weather allows you and try to play as good as you can» Morris explained.
«  I’m feeling a little bit nervous because I’m not used to be in this position (co-leader). On the other hand, I’m very happy because of my golf round, it’s very important to start a tournament like this with a good round so I just feel good at the moment » Morris said.
« It’s the first time we’re working with the Alps Tour, Portugal Pro Golf Tour wants to improve and is looking for new partnerships » Jose Correia, President of PGA Portugal said. «  We hope this partnership will grow in the future and we hope to see more tournaments in this country » he added.
The Obidos International Open is the 4th tournament of the Season. At the end of Round 2 scheduled to take place tomorrow, a cut will see the top 40 and ties qualify for the final title day of the tournament.

3rd April 2018 | Alps Tour Golf

New tournament with Portugal Pro Golf Tour

The fourth tournament of the Alps Tour season 2018 is scheduled to take place in Portugal in April for the first time in the tour’s history.

The Obidos International Open welcomes 132 rising golf stars who will gather at the Guardian Bom Sucesso Golf, northwest of Lisbon, on April 9th for a 3-day competition.

This is the third tournament of the Winter Series after the Ein Bay Open and the Red Sea Little Venice Open played at the Sokhna Golf Club in Egypt in February. The Rome tournament at the end of February had to be cancelled due to heavy snow falls.

The € 30,000 prize money tournament, co-sanctioned by the Portugal Pro Golf Tour, is played over 54 holes of traditional stroke. Following a cut after 36 holes, the top 40 and ties will qualify for the final title day of the tournament. The top 4 finishers will obtain points for World Ranking.
The top 5 of the Alps Tour’s order of merit will be present: Jack Singh Brar (ENG), Michele Cea (ITA), Bernard Neumayer (AUT), Michele Ortolani (ITA) and David Borda (ESP).

« We’re thrilled to welcome Portugal within the Alps Tour family and we hope that this new partnership will grow with time. This new cooperation will also allow Portuguese players to participate in Alps Tour tournaments for the remainder of the season » Estelle Richard, Alps Tour director, said.

« It will be nice to be back in some warm weather and I look forward to competing again » England’s Jack Singh Brar, winner of the Red Sea Little Venice Open in Egypt in February, said. « I’m feeling good and well rested after a few weeks at home practicing » he added.

Portuguese pro golf player, Ricardo Santos will be there too. He has played on the European Tour, winner of the Madeira Open in 2012.

The Guardian Bom Sucesso Golf resort with its contemporary architecture is located by the Óbidos laguna and the Atlantic coast, an hour north west of Lisbon. A European Tour destination, it features a 18 holes Championship Golf Course spread over 60 hectares designed by renowned golf course designer Donald Steel.

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