8th July 2010 | Alps Tour Golf

Alps Tour to meet Peaugeot Tour in Spain


Alps Tour is making his third stop of the year in Spain. The Peugeot Tour CCV Madrid is pleased to welcome the best players of both circuits. Spaniards Carlos Balmaseda and Juan Antonio Bragulat are joining fellows former Europeantour players such as Santiago Luna or Alvaro Salto. For sure, the Spanish want to shine in Madrid as their national football team, the “furia Roja” did yesterday as they got qualified for the world cup Final for the first time of history.

Italian Matteo Delpodio, leader of the Alps Tour order of merit is back in the country who offered him his first win as professional last march.

Frenchman Alan Bihan is the only one in the top 5 missing the meeting as he got an invitation to play Challenge Tour in France…

Agathe Séron

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