15th October 2010 | Alps Tour Golf

Barnes one stroke clear


Jason Barnes kept lead of Masters 13 in Provence, south of France with a total of -8. He shot safe 70 to take one single stroke advantage over Italian Matteo Delpodio.

“ I have hit some low balls this morning at the driving range to keep the ball in play in the wind. I succeeded in doing this on course and that the way it went. This kind of weather suit to British players ! I feel very confident since my win two weeks ago but I had poor putting today so I did not expect to hole many birdies. I only dropped one shot and had to wait until last 3 to birdy 7th my 16th hole and 9th my last of the day.”

Englishman only took the lead thanks to this last birdy. Until this, Italian Matteo Delpodio who played this morning, was the leader at the club house. He shot 68, properly but in a kind of frustrating way.

“I played well on first nine holes. I holed an eagle two on the first, wedge shot but after that I did not holed for birdy. I struggled a little more on back nine and had good recoveries not to drop any stroke during the round… This week, playing for a victory is important but the main target is to be ready to face stage 2 of Q School. I like to play tough golf course and with the wind, I am really able to stay focus and it is very good to improve patience…”

This point of view is obviously shared by a group of well known French players in the top 10. Former European tour players Jean-François Remésy and Benoit Teilleria as well as Dominique Nouailhac and Raphaël Eyraud, between 35 and 46 year old, did play and score very well on this golf course. No place for luck. Strategy, calm, these experimented players proved that in the wind, on such course, there is no place for “crazy young guns”.

Still some exceptions as far as age is concerned, at third place tie total -4, 16 year old amateur Thomas Grava and pros Norwegian Jason Kelly and Frenchman Jacques Quillet.

The cut is fixed at +6.

At Pont Royal
Agathe Séron


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