15th May 2014 | Alps Tour Golf

Bruschi, Kim and McCarroll lead in Italy

Brendan McCarroll from Northern Ireland shoot 66 5 under during opening round in Alps Tour Colli Berici. A pair of Italian players Alessio Bruschi and Joon Kim joined him with same score.

Brendan McCarroll from Northern Ireland (c) Agathe Séron

Italian players, Alessio Bruschi and Joon Kim did well on home soil. They have not been framed by Colli Berici tricky golf course. They shot 66, 5 under par as multiple Alps Tour winner Northern Ireland’s Brendan McCarroll.

Alps Tour finally found spring after two wet weeks in France and Austria. But although there was no danger from the sky, the little golf course near Vicenza is full of tricks. It is not long, less than 5500 meters for a par 71 but punishment comes very quick if you miss your tee shots.

Bruschi, 32 years old, is an experimented player and he admitted that it is important to be smart and take time to adapt strategy on this kind of course.

“I played really well and I did not have any 3 putts. I only drop two shots but it was definitely a good day. On this kind of golf course you have to think very carefully where you want to hit you tee shot. This is the most important. Experience is obviously a big help to deal with the pressure.”

The temptation is big to hit driver when some pars 5 are no longer than 450 meters and pars 4 around 320 meters. But McCarroll who played poorly from tee yesterday during Pro-Am, managed really well to adapt his swing to take advantage of his impressive distance.

“Yesterday, I hooked a lot of my tee shots, so I changed my swing slightly, I flattened which helped. It helped the ball starts straight. I just wanted to enjoy my day. I did not care if I shoot over par or under par. So it seems to work. I put no pressure on myself at all. I holed a few putts that always helps. I had my only three putt on the last hole for bogey but it is ok. I struggled so much during past weeks so I really enjoyed my 5 under today. On my fist hole, I holed one meter and half so it was a good start. The next par three, I was 4 meters away and I holed. On the 16th, I holed a pretty long one, more than 10 meters. This one was a bonus.”

The course defended itself very well and projected cut after opening round is +2.

From Vinceza
Agathe Séron

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