18th October 2013 | Alps Tour Golf

Espana made his move


Edouard Espana (c) Agathe Séron

France’s Edouard Espana made his move at the perfect time. He shot 65, 7 under par to lead by 3 mid-way on Masters 13, last event of the season. A group of three players tie for second place, France’s Nicolas Joakimides, Frédéric Abadie and Italy’s Joon Kim.

Kim will take off in a week to Korea to play Q School of Korea Tour and his smile said a lot on the confidence he aggregate last days.

“I am just happy to play golf, that’s it new this year ! I know the course very well and todayy, there was no wind and the greens were a little slower than last year, so more playable”

Espana needs a good result this week to recover a place in the top 5 to gain his Challenge Tour category. Despite this goal, the native of Bordeaux did not feel or want to be disturb by the results.

“I manage to have the right behaviour on course and I don’t want to think of anything else. I played really solid but the way I think on course is much more important. The winner on Sunday won’t be the best player it will be the award of smart strategy and behaviour.”

This week, the Top 5’s goal is to keep their position. Unfortunatly, one player in the current top 5 missed the cut, Spain’s Jesus Legarrea. His place is in real danger as his margin was very narrow. Chasing precious spots with Espana, England’s Andrew Cooley double winner this season.

Palmer can not be overtaken as the 2013 winner but behind him, the ranking can swing.

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