7th June 2014 | Alps Tour Golf

Invincible Bertasio!

Nino Bertasio keeps on feeling invincible as he puts his hands on his second trophy in a row. He just won the Asiago Open with -9 total.

Nino Bertasio (c) Alessandro Bellicini

Nino Bertasio, 25 year old, won back to back on Alps Tour as he puts his hands on the Asiago Open trophy, just one week after maiden win in Open de Saint François Région Guadeloupe.

Players often admitted that there is a way to play before and after a first victory. Confidence is a huge asset in golf game and this adage has been one again confirmed this week. Nino Bertasio, who almost won in Colli Berici Open 3 weeks ago, finally had success on home soil. He handled pressure during last round to shot one under, good enough to stay on top of the leaderboard.

His compatriot Alessio Bruschi shot the score of the day, 64, -7 to climb podium second step, tie with fellow Andrea Romano and France’s Dominique Nouailhac.

With this win, the Alps Tour ranking ahs a new leader. Bertasio settles on top with more than 4700 points advantage over France’s former leader Thomas Elissalde.

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