1st July 2011 | Alps Tour Golf

Jason Kelly writes Alps Tour History


Jason Kelly, 29 year old, is the first player from Norway to ever win a tournament on the Alps Tour. As a celebration of the 10th anniversary of the circuit, Kelly wrote this chapter in Italy at Zoate Open golf. He shot 73 to win by two strokes over France’s Rémi Dupuis. Dupuis helped him by dropping 2 trokes on the 17th.

Jason Kelly said : “I did not pay really well today and honestly Rémi helped me by doing this double bogey on the 17th. Today was windy and it was harder that during the first two rounds. I played the pro am with amateurs knowing very well the course and they gave me really good advises to deal with the layout of the course. I am obvioulsy happy for this first win on the Alps Tour, the fourth of my career. I am now 9th at the ranking and I hope play Challenge Tour soon.”

Rémi Dupuis recorded his second podium in a row and jumped in 2 weeks from 59th to the 8th place. He can have the same goal as his game impoved a lot.Last but not least, French rookie Guillaume Cambis registred his third podium of the year and got in top 3 of the ranking.

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