4th April 2015 | Alps Tour Golf

Legarrea won on home soil

Spain's Jesus Legarrea holed a 2 meter putt to avoid a play-off in Alps de Las Castillas against Italy's Stefano Pitoni. With his dad on the bag and his mother and sister supporting him, this is a family victory.

Spain’s Jesus Legarrea (c) Tristan Jones

Spain’s Jesus Legarrea holed a brilliant 2 meter putt to avoid a play-off against Italy’s Stefano Pitoni and won the Alps de Las Castillas with -20 total.

When the Spanish player started his last round all seemed to be already written for an easy win. He holed 3 birdies in a row from the first and he had a 3 stroke advantage over his opponents. But he dropped one shot on the 7th and another on the 9th to let challengers coming closer.

“It was tougher today. I tried to play as solid as yesterday but my drive was not as accurate.”

Meanwhile, Stefano Pitoni slowly creeping up the leaderboard and was the leader at the club house with -19. He scored flawless 64 with one eagle and 6 birdies but the best score of the day was posted by Spain’s Jacobo Pastor, 62, ten under par with no less than 3 eagles and 4 birdies

Jesus’ sister knew his brother needed a birdie and she held her breath on the 16th and the 17th but each time he missed less than 2 and half meter for birdie. The short par 4 18 was his last chance.

He drove and missed the green by a few meters.

“The chip was not very difficult but you know for a win, for a birdie, everything is different.”

The Italian players were around the last green in case their compatriot had an extra time on course but Legarrea holed the precious pumping his fist.

“This is very special to have them next to me they are family, I only miss my wife. And this win is very special, this is the first on in Spain in my country.

Last year was really awful as I player so badly and my back and shoulder hurt me. I missed lots of cut and now I am back in competition and I have done well well so I am the happiest man in the world.”

Frome Valdeluz
Agathe Séron

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