3rd May 2014 | Alps Tour Golf

Matthieu Pavon secured maiden win

Bordeaux's Matthieu Pavon, 21 year old, captured his maiden win in Open Internatinoal de Rebetz. He overpassed two compatriots Thomas Elissalde from Biarritz and Baptiste Chapellan from Bordeaux.

Bordeaux’s Matthieu Pavon (c) Agathe Séron

France’s Matthieu Pavon, 21 year old, captured his maiden win in Open International de Rebetz with -7 total. Two of his compatriots completed the 100% French podium, Baptiste Chapellan from Bordeaux as well and Thomas Elissalde from Biarritz.

The last round was the scene of ups and downs from everywhere on the course. Sun finally shined during last round but temperatures were still fresh and wind strong. Overnight leader, England’s Matt Wallace took a great start and led by four shots after four holes. He holed birdie second and fourth green and he had one hand on the trophy. But maiden win is always tough to grab and the young Englishman will have bad memories of this last round.

The fate was on Pavon’ side today. The 21 year old player from Bordeaux managed to deal with the pressure and hole after hole build his leadership. Pavon has competition in his blood. His mother, former France’s Amateur Vice Champion is a teaching golf pro and Michel, his father, had a great career as football midfielder in Girondins team in the 90’s and as coach assistant thereafter.

“I really would like to thank my parents” Pavon said during price giving, “They are an important part of my golfer life.” “I would like to thank Julien Quesne, Grégory Havret and Edouard Dubois as well, I practice a lot with them in Bordeaux and I had great rounds of golf with them.”

Pavon admitted he was a bit nervous and played quite in a rush hole number 17 were he dropped one shot because after he three putted.

“I lost a ball in the water on the 16th and I tried to stay very focused on the chip and the putt. Then I hit the green long of the flag on the 17th and I almost holed the putt for birdie but I eventually dropped another shot.”

Matthieu Pavon had one stroke advantage teeing of the 18th. Ahead, Thomas Elissalde was -6 total and needed a birdie to get into a play off. He nearly found the water on his second shot and could only signed for par.

Pavon knew that in the last group, his friend Baptiste Chapellan was -6 as well. Chapellan missed the birdie as Elissade did and Pavon holed for par and to secure his win.

“Last night, I had a dream of a play off against Baptiste but I did not see the end. I am very happy with this win. I will be able to better plan my season, I am very happy to be part of this circuit and I am really looking forward to seeing what happens next.”

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Agathe Séron

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