13th August 2011 | Alps Tour Golf

Paisley to run for third win


England’s Chris Paisley is living a new experience as he has been leading for 3 days at Flory van Donck. He shot 68 today for -13 total and made his only mistake on the last hole. It is the first time he is running for victory as leader and favourite. But very closed with a total of -12, on his toes, Italian Marco Crespi signed for third 68 in a row and announced that he will try to disturb Paisley’s plan. Swiss Fredrik Svanberg scored the same to take third place. GALLERY

The weather was awful today. It rained a lot, almost all day. Despite these horrible playing conditions, many players did very well and no less than 20 of them shot under par. Belgium amateur, Julien Richelle, 20 year old, made his supporters happy. Richelle is a member of Royal Latem Golf Club and did announce he wanted to be on the podium. He scored 66 today and really did enjoy his round. He is at 7th place, 7 shots back of the lead.

“I started with 4 birdies, on the first 3 I holed 5 or 6 meters and it was a gimme on the 4th. I did not play a lot this season. I am studying economy and I had no time to practice and play. My record on this golf course is 62 but it was shorter than during the tournament.”

Italian Marco Crespi confessed that he played really bad on first nine and started to play very good from the 12thhole. “My start was bad, maybe the rain I don’t know, I don’t like playing under the rain (laugh). Then after 12th hole I hit the ball very good and I felt good. Tomorrow, I will really try to do better and the mistake of Chris on the last green made the margin thin.”

Chris Paisley did only one mistake. He missed the green on the last hole as his ball spun. His chip was 2 meters short and he didn’t save par. But from first tee to last fairway he played the way he used to when he grabbed his two wins.

“I played ten time better than during the first two rounds. 68 is the less I could do. I missed some birdies opportunities. It will be a new experience to me to play in last group. I am looking forward to live this. Marco played well on the back nine, we are going to play again together tomorrow and is should be fun.”

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