16th February 2010 | Alps Tour Golf

Regis Verheyden, Golf de Mogador director


Can you tell us about the resort ?

“Well, the first 18 holes has opened last June and the second course is planed to open early 2011. The first phase of the domain being developed is initially being built 320 hectares and was conceived with the sensitivity of integrating the course within natural environment.”

How many times Gary Player came on site ?

“ We have the Gary Player Signature brand so he comes 3 times for each course. I personally met him 3 times.”

Impressive ?

“ The most impressive, beside the career of the legendary player, is his kindness and the spirit he kept to build his courses. He wants 22 handicap players to enjoy the course. We have 6 tee areas on each hole. The course is very long, 6600 meters back tee but only 4000 front tee. Another example, Gary Player made us to file up a bunker at 50 meters of a green. He said he is not comfortable anymore with this kind of shot so he doesn’t want  to bother amateurs with that ! Obviously, he has real fun to do this job and still shows passion.”

I have been told that one of his goal is to protect ground water…

“ Obviously. It is one of his hobby-horse. Beside the courses, it is the same goal for the creators of the landscape. We have a unique innovative and ecological water treatment system. Two huge tanks collect grey water from the city. The water is cleaned by Jardins Filtrants, filtering gardens.”

Can everybody play on Golf de Mogador ?

“Absolutely. We would like to have a club life so we open membership to Essaouira residents. Green fees are available 7 days a week. You just have to justify for a official handicap. Next June, we will have a golf academy run by Benoit Willemart but any pro can come with clients for training. The Sofitel Hotel on site will open this summer.”

At Essaouira
Interview made by Agathe Séron

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