11th June 2010 | Alps Tour Golf

Second win for Bihan


Alan Bihan won his second trophy of the season. He shot 70 to win 4 clear. Frenchman took his revenge over Italian Nunzio Lombardi. Italian had won on French soil last week and Bihan answered by graving his name on Italian Jug at International Open Le Fonti.

Bihan teed of this morning with a 3 shot margin and admitted he needed it.

“ On a 3 day tournament, you have to make the break quite quick. It is important to play well on the first day and I did. Hopefully I had this advantage because I really suffered of the heat today. Since the 13th hole, I felt exhausted. It was a chance for me having a caddy because in that kind of conditions you is hard to stay sleepless. My dad reminded me to drink or to eat a little, he gave me safe advises.”

As Bihan had nice margin, opponents had to be aggressive. But it was nobody’s day. For a while, every hope was on Andrea Zanini shoulders. He was -10 after 10 holes but could not confirm. Then, Spanish Miguel Pujalte turned first 9 with a score of -5 but same as Italian player, he finally signed for -9 total.

Closer to last group, Matteo Delpodio and Moises Cobo were in good position to challenge the leader. But neither Spaniard nor Italian player could holed enough birdy to make Alan Bihan doubt. Delpodio shown some signs of inner anger about his putting. Obviously it was not a good day, he only holed the 12th for birdy. He hit 15 greens, had 2 par 5 in 2 and one par 4 in one so he expected better than shooting 69…

Then, playing in last group with Bihan, Nunzio Lombardi could only be witness of Frenchman game. Young Italian had a poor day and those who were supporting him on fairways learned some colourful words of Italian language. Last week winner went and visited many times high rough, missed lots of putts for birdy or par and finally congratulated, with big smile his playing partner for the revenge he took.

Bihan confirms his first place at Alps Tour Order of Merit with almost a 4000 point advantage, Italian Matteo Delpodio is second, Jason Palmer and Carlos Balmaseda keep their place and Juan Bragulat enters ranking at 5th position.

At Le Fonti
Agathe Séron

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