10th February 2017 | Alps Tour Golf

Numbers, Facts and Figures

The 2017 Alps Tour season is about to be launched. Egypt has been the host of winter series for 5 seasons now and players are packing to travel in the very next days as Ein Bay Open starts next Tuesday.

The season 2016 was colored by an amazing rising star, England’s Matt Wallace, 6 time winner last year. But this was not the only figures worth being noticed.

The total amount of prize money in 2016 was 750 000 € and the average for a tournament was 44000 €, 10 % better than in 2014.

The best winning score was recorded by Matt Wallace during Gösser Open, He signed for -20 after 54 holes and recorded as well the biggest winning margin, 8 shots. The toughest course was the host of Open de Saint François Guadeloupe as Leo Lespinasse won with -6 total defeated David Morago after extra holes.

The average winning score in 2016 is the highest of 7 seasons : -13,94. It was -13,2 in 2010 when Matteo Delpodio won the order of merit.

Players have to be prepared to beat the courses to make the cut as 9 cuts out of 16 events (no cut during Grand Final) were at level par of better.

Finally, the average age of 2016 graduates is 24,8. Let’s beat the record in 2017!

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