1st March 2015 | Alps Tour Golf

Who's next ?


France’s Léo Lespinasse, Back to back third place in Egypt. (cà Agathe Séron

Today was the last practice round to prepare the final Egyptian event of the Alps Tour winter series. Hard-working day for the players after a day break at Pyramids Giza.

A big group of Alps tour members had a great time Friday visiting the Pyramids. But back to business today to be prepared for last event, the inaugural Dreamland Pyramids Open. Thomas Elissalde, Red Sea El Ein Bay Open, played 9 holes with friends Matthieu Pavon and Léo Lespinasse.

Alex Widemann, Red Sea Little Venice Open champion, shared his practice round with roommates, Jean-Christophe Vigneron and Sidney Wolf. Beside this French teams, Matt Wallace and Tom Shadbolt, both in contention last week, have made their last swing adjustment before trying to take their revenge.

The course has a great design with very sloppy greens and the weather forecast is sunny but windy.

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