8th March 2011 | Alps Tour Golf

Top World Tennis visits Peugeot Tour de Valencia


Nicolas Almagro: “Peugeot has been my talisman”

The Peugeot Tour de Valencia had today a very special visit, the tennis player Nicolas Almagro, actually at the top of the tennis world ranking, who tried the new electric Peugeot iOn.25 years old Almagro is actually 12nd at the ATP thanks to his 2 recent victories in Brazil and Buenos Aires. He visited us and talked about his goals.

“There is no doubt that this is my best season so far ever, since I started playing the ATP when I was 19 years old: I won Brazil and Buenos Aires, got to Finals in Mexico, three weeks in a row ; I also made semi finals in Oakland and finals in Australia. I am really happy!
I am happy because the season started really well, there are still many weeks to play and I am trying to gain regularity and manage it, because I know there will come difficult times and I hope to be able to manage them as well as at the beginning of the season.
I had to change coach (he got sick) so I moved to Barcelona, and in 2 years time I lost lots of weigh, changed my physics and results started to come.
My goal for this year is keep learning, going step by step getting better personal and professionally, get the best of me and try to reach as far as possible.
I don’t know if life for a golfer is as hard as it is for a tennis player, but we are in a different side of the world each week: I spent January in Australia, February in Southamerica, and now I leave to the United States for a month… it is like this until November, that we get to rest.

Peugeot was one of the sponsors that trusted me when I was world number 25th, which is something to thank for; they helped me to be able to travel, made everything really easy and since they are with me I started to go up in the ranking. Definitely, Peugoet has been my talisman: motion & emotion.
I still have many ‘unresolved matters’, and yes, golf is one of them; there are many tennis players that play golf, they say that movements are similar but I have tried and I don’t find it any easy. I am going to take lessons. I have heard that the best tennis player in golf is Ferrero, even better than Nadal.

My idol? Since I was very little has been Pete Sampras; but my real idol in sports is Valentino Rossi, the way he lives sports is fascinating.”

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