20th June 2013 | Alps Tour Golf

Toscany's Alessio Buschi club house leader

Alessio Bruschi from Italy scored amazing 64, 7 under par to catch the club house lead as half of the field has to complete their frist round tomorrow. Second round is scheduled to start at 9h15.

Alessio Bruschi from Italy (c) Italian Pro Tour

Italy’s Alessio Bruschi scored a incredible 64, seven-under-par-card to take the club-house lead. The rough of La Mirabelle golf course is “a nightmare”, as players said.

The other bad dream of the day was the weather as the heat suddenly arrived in France and violent storms were forecasted. Though the game started on time but was suspended for a first time at 8h40 during about 3 hours and a half.

Players from morning session managed to complete their first round and Northern Ireland’s Richard Kilpatrick signed for 66, 5 under to take second place by his own so far.  Italy’s Joo Kin and Norvegian Jason Kelly both played 3 under par. Once again, the officals had to suspend the game at 19h15 with no hope to resume in the evening.

The play will resume at 7:00 tomorrow morning and second round is scheduled to start at 9:15.

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